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El Diario del Otún (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Pereira.
El Colombiano (in Spanish)
Periódico on-line.
El Espectador (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Bogotá.
El Heraldo (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Barranquilla
El Informador (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Santa Marta
El Liberal (in Spanish)
Periódico on-line de Popayán.
El Mundo (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Medellín.

El Nuevo Día (in Spanish)
Periódico on-line de Ibagué.
El País (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Cali.
El Tiempo (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Bogotá.
El Universal (in Spanish)
Periódico on-line de Cartagena de Indias.
Indymedia (in Spanish)
Indymedia no es una organización, ni un partido, es un espacio común que apunta a que todos y todas puedan expresarse. El sistema de publicación abierta permite que cualquier persona pueda publicar información en el sitio con solo visitarlo.
La Libertad (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Barranquilla.
La Opinión (in Spanish)
Periódico on-line de San José de Cúcuta.
La República (in Spanish)
Diario on-line especializado en asuntos económicos.
La Tarde (in Spanish)
Diario on-line de Pereira.
Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Periódicos on-line
Washington Post
Washington Post Coverage of Colombia.

News AgenciesNews Agencies/ Agencias de Noticias

Agencia de Noticias Nueva Colombia (in Spanish)
Colombian News Agency. Agencia de noticias de Colombia.

News WebsitesNews Websites/
Sitios de Noticias

Colombia Journal
The mission of Colombia Journal is to promote political, social and economic justice in Colombia by creating a greater awareness and understanding of U.S. foreign policy. To this end, Colombia Journal provides editorial analysis and investigative reports based on field research conducted in Colombia. (English/Spanish)
Civil society network online whose goal is to support people's media to help build a more just global society. OneWorld provides news and information on the Colombian conflict. OneWorld es una red de la sociedad civil cuyo objetivo en ayudar a construir una sociedad más justa. Proporciona información y noticias sobre el conflicto en Colombia.
ReliefWeb: Colombia (English/Spanish)
ReliefWeb is a project of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), and its mandate is to strengthen the response capacity of the humanitarian relief community through the timely dissemination of reliable information on response, preparedness and disaster prevention. This is accomplished by providing guaranteed access to time-critical reports, maps and financial contributions to both decision makers at headquarters and to relief teams in the field.


Caracol (in Spanish)
Radio on-line.
Red Continental de Noticias (in Spanish)
Radio on-line.